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Google to promote “Mobile Friendly” Sites in Search Results

Late in February Google announced that it regards websites that are “Mobile” friendly as more relevant in search results — over websites that are not mobile prepared.

Google Search SlateWe’ve been predicting this for more than two years.  The simple fact is that the growth in ownership and sophisticated use of mobile devices is driving how Business Web Presence design is implemented.

There are many alive now who may never own or even use a desktop computer.

Google says:

“When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps. As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns.”

View the complete text of the February announcement on the Google Webmaster Central Blog.

SMB’s: Why moving to the “Cloud” makes sense.

A recent dialogue with a SMB client involved discussing how to transition to a new Book Keeper.

The person "retiring" from the role had been operating Quickbooks on her PC. They were struggling with how to reconfigure a box (from their storage closet) and install Quickbooks, import the files, hand it off to the new resource to "take home."

The advice given: Consider Quickbooks online. The response was painful to encounter. Bottom line: this is how we’ve done it and how we’re going to do it.

We can’t sometimes help.

But this example represents a context deserving elaboration on this Blog.

By not taking this online, here are but a few negative consequences:

  1. There is no control over consistently keeping the files backed up.
  2. There is no control to assure security (if the person browses bad sites, malware is certain.)
  3. There is no ability for others to access the files for auditing.
  4. There is no ability for "successors" to be groomed and "coverage" during absences
  5. The ability to bill online, receive payments online remains clunky

By not taking their books up to the "Cloud", management has assured the most risky scenario imaginable:

That by malware or malfeasance critical banking and personally identifiable (customer) information may escape their control.

Quickbooks online is but one example of a solution "In the Cloud" that conveys much of the security and operations burden to a provider.

$12/month … it’s a great buy.

Besides, moving this to the cloud eliminates the cost the of time and hassle/struggle to reconfigure an operating system on the used machine, purchase Quickbooks (and keep it updated.)

If you can’t do it in the Cloud, Mr/Ms SMB Operator? You should be asking yourself if you need to do it at all.


World War “IT” — Are Linux Duffers the “National Guard” of Tech?

BBS MenuOne of the conversations I’m having more often (say in the past 20 months) is “continuity” planning — in the event that “World War IT” breaks out — how are businesses going to continue?

  • If communication utilities are hacked? How will we rebuild B-B and B-C networks if the internet is shaky — fall backs like a BBS might serve as an order processing platform.
  • How to operate in isolation for a while? If we’re not connected to a WAN. Inventory — where is that box?

These dialogues are more often “beer” fueled … and not really actionable but they have a strategic vein. Few I know are actually going to the time/expense to build systems, collecting old bones into unpowered piles that can be used as “bricks” — rebuilding networks that have been damaged. There are some, though…

The challenge we’re facing is sort of on the DHS front and there is a certain symmetry to it.

Think of it like this: Linux IT Duffers are the National Guard of IT.

There is a widening dialogue (Link) within Microsoft and Windows circles particularly – about alternatives that are quick, inexpensive and secure. An essential element is modest hardware requirements. Linux shines on all of those aspects.

If you’re hoarding and/or building systems and storing “IT Bricks” in your closet, let me know.  I’d like to take this temperature — fill in the Poll below?

Poll: WW-IT Preparedness with Linux?

SCAM Alert: “New voicemail from (661) 748-0240 at 10:30 AM”

Be really, ultra careful…

When a phone call comes in on my Google Voice number, if the number isn’t in contacts – I send it to VMail. And the result for this one was … no message (see below.)

But after searching the number online, I read about the SCAM here:

The details of how convincing these criminals are is astonishing.

Share it forward, folks.

David G.