Next AoWP Workshop

We’ll be at the Bandon Public Library, 2-4PM Wednesday August 27th.

Agenda includes review of the previous workshops to provide context for “going under the hood” at a free web/blog.

We’ll also discuss some of the meatier aspects of posting, tagging and categorization.

See you there.

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Viral Stats Counter-intuitive

Huff-Po Headline

Huff-Po Headline

An article published in the Huffington Post is worth viewing.  We found some of the research results contrary to assumptions.  And so we’re re-evaluating …

Having used the BuzzSumo tool in client analysis, we’re grateful to view the results and it affects how we coach.

The author of the article (link above) Noah Kagan is Founder of, Marketing explorer at He is a trusted authority, with credible history forecasting SM interaction.

For example the long form post – detailed and researched, cited material – has considerably more traction in SM than the shorter versions we’d previously encouraged.  Why content goes V

Still digesting.

Emerging Social Media Management Best Practices

What will the top paying careers be "on the internet" in the next 20 years?

What will the top paying careers be “on the internet” in the next 20 years?

Enjoyed viewing this Job Description posted online for a top media channel  illuminates an important trend…

Notice particularly — the list of audience demographics…

You might also be surprised at the cross-fluency requirements — and the absence of any mention of a particular technology base — apart from their own platform.

In the first 20 years of the internet — we had top paying jobs emerge from the technology itself — “Oracle Systems Administrator” is an example of a 6-figure career path.

In the next 20 years, I expect we’ll see more top-paying careers based only on Service Ecologies.

You ask:  How this applies?

Look for a more detailed post here later this week.

3 Steps to Being Engaging

Three very focused concrete suggestions.  Some related guidelines.

Make others the center of your contributions, and you'll  become the center of your own network.

Make others the center of your contributions, and you’ll become the center of your own network.

1.) Research sites and pages that feature content of interest to the network you want to build.  It could “Cat blogging” … or a very serious consulting niche.

2.) Mine the posts at those websites, on Facebook, Twitter, G+.  Find others that have posted that share your sentiments, interests — they have done so commensurate with people you’d want to have an actual relationship with.

Be very thoughtful and discrete.

Would you meet them in crossing at the Denver Airport?

Notes on Mining contacts.

  • Do so at a deliberate, intentional — even slow — pace.  After you’ve made the rounds in those social channels (takes some weeks to accomplish)
  • Keep notes (links to sites and pages, etc. — comments about them to your self.)
  • … start over
  • Keep watching
  • Interact, interact, interact.  Contribute.
  • Follow some other threads …

Eventually a few minutes per week is plenty.

3.) If you can’t otherwise connect (#2) — leverage LinkedIn.  Search for customers.  — here’s an angle …

“Hi, I’m doing a piece / series on (XYZ) for my blog.  You came on my radar as a result of (ABC.) I’d like to get your opinions on (MNO) … can I meet you on a Google Hangout for 15 minutes?  When’s good for you.”

Don’t forget to actually produce those posts and share them back with credit and kudos to that interviewee. Don’t drop that ball.

It’s not the number of followers you have, but the nature of the relationships.  A few active and satisfied contacts in your network will engender the site visits and new relationships you need.

It all hinges on regularly posting and following, commenting — but not obsessively.  Strategically, and concretely building wisdom and essentially a searchable knowledge base into your “Web Presence” –with an underpinning of historically interesting chronology.

At the end of the day, success might be resonate something like this notion — even in the midst of the busiest week, your spirit needs the little bit of time you spend following, commenting elsewhere and creatively posting to your blog, prospecting for “interviews” — being that expert resource.

The secret sauce — the element that is in fact “Disruptive” — is near at hand.

Why Post By Email?

I’d break it down this way — an Idea worth posting, is worth posting NOW.

I use the phone to bag those little conceptual trophies. Needs a well thought out Title, that’s the only critical part. — Because I automatically echo posts to my other SM channels. So the Title needs to be okay there for a while, sort of stand alone.

Later, after I get back to my desk (and if I can remember) I edit the post, enhance, amplify, drop in an image, etc. — compose tags and categorize. You can bet that it will get crawled for search, but it could be weeks before that happens.

If you want to make the post pretty in Facebook, G+ and all of that — its best to compose in the Site Control Panel, put your images up high in the post so they show in those channel feeds.

But a good idea in text always trumps a mediocre one with lipstick. (at least I think that way.)

Entrepreneurs Alert: Cannabis Business Preparations

There are actual Entrepreneurs.  The legalization of the recreational and medicinal us of pot means the Cannabis industry gold-rush is on.

Regardless of your morals or politics.  Money Talks.  Snagged this chart off of an article posted by the WSJ just this morning.


Are we paying attention yet? How will this affect your business?

Ego? What drives us to toss our lives under the Corporate Bus?

Occasionally I’m encouraged by automated features at to view “jobs I might be interested in.”  Which, I’m sure are based on my CV’s but also the things others have said that I “know about” — so there’s an interplay between their suggestion that I know about “project management” (for instance) and the quality of their networks.

I had a good chuckle.  Who in their right mind would agree to step into that furnace.   High-stress?  I’m sure that’s an understatement.