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A quick blurb on new clients. Updates Web Presence

JBJLawn screen is refreshing their Web Presence. They’ve adopted a site and are busy preparing to move forward with blogging about thier activities in the field — communicating online with clients and prospects about what they do, how it looks before and after and other aspects of “Engaging” a new generation of followers. Congratulations John & Maryann! Notably, the site is optimized for viewing from Mobile appliances — with their phone number on the front page customers can dial them directly from their smart phone web browser.

Robert D. Reed Publishers — Facebook, Twitter pages

Facebook integration with permits the contents of the online store to be offered in the Social Media Channel.
Facebook integration with permits the contents of the online store to be offered in the Social Media Channel.

Robert D Reed Publishers ( continues their expansion into state of the art online commerce with the addition of social media channels.

Congratulations Bob and Cleone.  We’re following your progress!

Robert D Reed Publishers — Upgrades Web Presence with SOA E-Commerce

Modern, Search Optimized, Mobile Responsive Web Store for
Modern, Search Optimized, Mobile Responsive Web Store for

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the new Robert D. Reed Publishers Store online.   We’re using and as things progress, you might be interested to follow some of the results.

The old store is Now OFFLINE

The new store is

In a matter of a few days, we’ll redirect the web traffic for their domain, but for now it’s an honor and a great pleasure to assist.


InterWest IT – Rebranded Facebook Page…

Sacrificing Google Search results in favor of Brand Consolidation.  The functional impacts...
Sacrificing Google Search results in favor of Brand Consolidation. The functional impacts…

Owing to suggestions that I do so, I have rolled up our Facebook Page and rebranded it: “InterWestIT.”  You’re welcome to follow us there if this is convenient.

A certain segment of readers prefer this channel, and we are responding by clarifying this aspect of our Web Presence.

Unfortunately, this abandons all of the search history and page ranking afforded the prior brand.  Check this out by Googling “CherryIntermedia.”   One would think that Facebook would be “smart enough” to redirect the traffic, to the new brand.  But alas, evidently not.  I’m still looking to see if there might be a means to accomplish this, but it doesn’t look good…

Appreciate the observant comments on this in the past.  Tons, actually.  It was an experiment to see if any of this really mattered.  Results indicate they do!

We’ve encountered the same issues in the past and managed through them with Client brands — the results have changed with time of course.  This report has meaning only at this juncture — if you’re reading this at some point in the future, you’d be wise to re-investigate the redirection issue before rebranding.

Anatomy of a Web Presence — Presentation

Giving a talk in Bandon at the public Library June 25th.

Schedule and venue details at

“Anatomy of a Web Presence. “

A high-level discussion of how services like Email, Websites, Social Media, “Cloud Computing” and our appliances – phones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers – relate to the ecology that we know as the Internet.  How to buy, consume and enjoy them.

One thing is certain: Technology evolves.  So, more and more aspects of our daily experience become dependent on “networking”.  From the GPS in our car, to the music we listen to, games, TV and even the lights in our homes — depend on connections.  Our ability to receive news, messages and phone calls — stay in touch with our world —  are all carried in a matrix of services we pay for.  We need to grasp how those services work.

Operating in this environment can seem very intimidating and ultimately become more expensive than is should.  Knowing how these services are interrelated will help us direct our learning so that we can remain aware of — and ahead of — the tides of change.
In our discussion we will look “under the hood” of a theoretical “Small Business” Web Presence — how a website, social media, computers, appliances and other features are knit together in an affordable, usable, responsive amalgam of functions.  

We explore what enables the business to engage their clients, prospect for new ones and remain relevant in a very fast paced environment of change.

Portland Consulting Group — Engages Their Network

InterWest has been blessed to assist the

Mobile Responsive Web Presence and Social Media feeds for Portland Consulting Group
Mobile Responsive Web Presence and Social Media feeds for Portland Consulting Group

Portland Consulting Group colonize their new web presence.

Their business plan perfectly amplifies the purpose of new media — Engagement.

With these new tools they obtain a core set of tools enabling interaction with their communities, other practitioners and with potential clients.  Their new Web Presence establishes them, as an affiliation of top professionals,  to exert their leadership in their markets.

That’s the aim: Become known as the West Coast Authority for alternative business change management and productivity.  InterWest is pleased to have been with them at the beginning.

Anatomy of a Web Presence Migration

There is no managed process to migrate a Website from Google Sites to  It’s really a shoveling process – copy and pasting content.  The client engaged us to advance the capability of their web presence to support community building.

What’s important to exercise in the process is an intelligent

Note the hierarchal organization of pages in the left menu
Note the hierarchal organization of pages in the left menu

reorganization of the subject matter.

There are a list of standard “fixed” or static pages — “Contact Us” would be one of those.

Then there are areas of interest best fitted into post categories.

In this example, over a matter of 3 hours, we moved the content,

Unfortunately, many of the site details aren't shown in this capture.
Unfortunately, many of the site details aren’t shown in this capture.

redesigned the layout and relationships and redirected web traffic.

The addition of tags and correctly relating content to search on resulted in a number of post and page “likes” and that accumulation of attention continues at as I compose this post.

DFM Consulting Launches SoA Web Presence

Congratulations to Deb Maher on the launch of her “State of the Art” Web Presence.  DFM Consulting Inc.

  • Responsive Web Site:  mobile compatible across platforms
  • Integrates her offerings and contact infrastructure with Google Hosted services
  • Synchronized Apps installed to her iPhone, iPad and PC
  • SEO Optimized Blog, with comments and feedback buckets
  • Ties back to her Social Media Channels

DFM Consulting moved from a legacy self-hosted website in Plesk and hosted Exchange Email to shared hosting at WordPress and Google Hosted services.  Her annual savings in year one will more than pay for the engineering expense in accomplishing the migration.

InterWest has been pleased to assist. 

Flipture: Memorization App

Formally announcing that we’re moving forward with Flipture — those close to the process know that it’s been a couple of years since we first thought about the place for an App to aid in Scripture Memorization.

Mobile Phone App
A memorization tool that goes wherever you do: Flipture

It’s our view that commercial value exists in taking the design details and porting the application for use in many Scholastic endeavors — for instance in the area of Law — to memorize cases.

We’re very interested in the Generalization of this product.

Site link:

KickStarter Project link.