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Next AoWP Workshop Aug. 27th.

Using free to very inexpensive tools online -- organically, following a few simple rules -- will naturally optimize your web presence Search Rankings
Using free to very inexpensive tools online — organically, following a few simple rules — will naturally optimize your web presence Search Rankings

We’ll continue our exploration of various on-board capabilities within the CMS.


  • Site visibility, sharing and other basic content controls
  • User types and the “Publishing” workflow
  • DNS and EMail Aliases
  • Site Template selection and Customization
  • Making pages, manipulating menus
  • Making posts, proper tagging and categorization
  • Widgets and content navigation menus

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Our Position on Oregon Hemp

Pot LeafPlease think about making a small donation to “New Approach Oregon”  (use this link or see the widget in the side bar at right.)

We support reforms that are aimed at regulation over criminalization.

We support policies aimed at treatment and recovery over those that drive incarceration.

We simply have to stop damaging families and lives.

Not users ourselves, but as devoted libertarian thinkers (notice the small “L”?) — we want government to tax and regulate — to cease wasting public treasure in the War on Drugs.  (Which we feel to be the biggest failed domestic policy — well — ever.)

Decriminalize pot and demilitarize our police.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us why we take this position.

Happening Today — Amazon Sumit

If you’re at all interested in “Where things are going”, Amazon is holding it’s AWS Summit in NYC this weekend.

Learn how IT is being removed from the business process — IT is being reshaped in the cloud….  AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a prism through which we can view our collective futures…

90 minutes you’d invest wisely — view the Keynote Address by Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Werner Vogels.

Event registration and resources here



AWOP Workshop Event Blog open for questions

AoWP Cherry (our live blogging site) is now operating ahead of the Anatomy of a Web Presence Workshop — the site is open and ready to receive advance questions by email.

If you’re unable to attend, you can follow the proceedings online at the site during the event.  As we go, we’ll post photos, perhaps short videos, new questions and answer them – 2-4PM Wednesday June 25th. is an InterWestIT live-blogging web property. Search Engine discovery is discouraged, viewers arrive by invitation.The discussion will continue through August. Event posts will be archived and removed after 8/1/2014.

Thank you for enjoying it with us.  You’re welcome to share the Event Blog with others who may be interested. Discretion appreciated.

This event and associated website, the subject matter to be discussed — all revolve around what can be accomplished with free (or very inexpensive) tools online.

Catch up with you there!

Free Workshop — Anatomy of a Web Presense

Any modern Web Presence is multi-dimensional, requiring a broad spectrum of expertise and fluencies.
Any modern Web Presence is multi-dimensional, requiring a broad spectrum of expertise and fluencies.

If  you’re vacationing on the S. Oregon coast, we’re giving a workshop on “How to accomplish an Engaging Web Presence integrating Social Media” on June 25th.

Register at this link

The event is at the Bandon Public Library, 2-5PM.

Sponsored by Cyberlynx of Oregon.

Everyone Welcome.

National Small Business Week – Live Internet Broadcast 9:00AM ET Wednesday

National Small Business Week Broadcast.

The US Government SBA is celebrating National Small Business Week with a live Internet Broadcast Wednesday Morning. It will be very early for us on West Coast, but interesting non-the-less, to consider attending.

See this link

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Fifty Years of BASIC, the Programming Language That Made Computers Personal


History … shocking how far we’ve come.

Originally posted on TIME:

Knowing how to program a computer is good for you, and it’s a shame more people don’t learn to do it.

For years now, that’s been a hugely popular stance. It’s led to educational initiatives as effortless sounding as the Hour of Code (offered by and as obviously ambitious as Code Year (spearheaded by Codecademy).

Even President Obama has chimed in. Last December, he issued a YouTube video in which he urged young people to take up programming, declaring that “learning these skills isn’t just important for your future, it’s important for our country’s future.”

I find the “everybody should learn to code” movement laudable. And yet it also leaves me wistful, even melancholy. Once upon a time, knowing how to use a computer was virtually synonymous with knowing how to program one. And the thing that made it possible was a programming language called BASIC.

John Kemeny John…

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Heartbleed Security Hole In OpenSSL

An attempt … to quench some heartburn over the Heartbleed security hole.  Digest this opinion before you rush in a panic to comply with mainstream news suggestions.

Take a breath.  Evaluate before you over-react.
Take a breath. Evaluate before you over-react.

First, can we all just take a breath? News agencies like MSNBC and FOX thrive on viewers.  Viewers respond to two basic kinds of content:

  • Threats, Disaster and Rumor
  • Salaciousness

The news carried to the masses recently on Heartbleed has conformed to the first point.

OpenSSLShort of consuming the technical details discussed in various forums , you won’t be able to comprehend some of the whys and wherefores.  But it raises the question — who’s advice are you trusting where your personal tech and office tech are concerned?

Some facts that are important to understand:

  • The security hole generating panic is more than two years old
  • It affects a certain swath of web servers (Amazon is an example)
  • It’s quite likely your accounts are under observation by at least a few other means

Some advice:

  1. Don’t rush out to change passwords everywhere.   Change the ones at your bank, after checking with them first.  If they send you an email, follow the instructions ASAP.
  2. Do subscribe to a password management tool.  I like to keep mine in the “Cloud.”  I use both Apple ICloud (personal items) and this one: for professional purposes.
  3. Always try to improve your “Password Hygiene” – change them regularly, use complex phrases. Avoid personally identifiable characteristics (like pet names.)
  4. Begin to deploy multi-factor authentication.  Google offers this as do many others. There are a range of options learn about the basics courtesy of Amazon:
  5. Use the internet like you’re aboard the Washington State Ferry commuting from Seattle to Bainbridge Island.  Assume that everything you talk about is overheard.  Assume that every connection you use is monitored.

Unfortunately, sometimes we should just wait and see.  Nerve wracking. Certainly.

The effort you extend in a panic to change everything right now, might be wasted.  Either because it’s actually unneeded or that you’ll be asked to do it again soon.




Anatomy of a Web Presence — Presentation

Giving a talk in Bandon at the public Library June 25th.

Schedule and venue details at

“Anatomy of a Web Presence. “

A high-level discussion of how services like Email, Websites, Social Media, “Cloud Computing” and our appliances – phones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers – relate to the ecology that we know as the Internet.  How to buy, consume and enjoy them.

One thing is certain: Technology evolves.  So, more and more aspects of our daily experience become dependent on “networking”.  From the GPS in our car, to the music we listen to, games, TV and even the lights in our homes — depend on connections.  Our ability to receive news, messages and phone calls — stay in touch with our world —  are all carried in a matrix of services we pay for.  We need to grasp how those services work.

Operating in this environment can seem very intimidating and ultimately become more expensive than is should.  Knowing how these services are interrelated will help us direct our learning so that we can remain aware of — and ahead of — the tides of change.
In our discussion we will look “under the hood” of a theoretical “Small Business” Web Presence — how a website, social media, computers, appliances and other features are knit together in an affordable, usable, responsive amalgam of functions.  

We explore what enables the business to engage their clients, prospect for new ones and remain relevant in a very fast paced environment of change.