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Social Collaboration in the Agile Age

Engaging collaborators in the Agile Age -- requires fluent Social Media skill
Engaging collaborators in the Agile Age — requires fluent Social Media skill

Read with interest an article published on how Social Media has affected collaboration among Software Developer communities.

It’s being called the “Agile Age.”

What’s interesting to me is that it’s been my experience that the methods used by developers and engineers eventually percolate down to the rest of us.  For instance, in the 80’s as an engineer myself, I was utterly dependent on BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) for support.  And then BBS’s showed up in all sorts of places — Gardening communities, Radio Controlled Model Airplane nuts, every area of interest had one.

And I can see some of this happening again in Social Media– as a consultant, I’m ever more aware that my work depends upon diverse resources, near-instant responses and all of this across a variety of appliances (from desktops to tablets and phones.)

Social Media and Responsive webs are making this all possible.

Encryption — Email is next

Fundamentals. Basic encryption entails injecting a random data string … to obfuscate the real contents of the message or packet.

Reading through my feeds, I see recent posts from various sources that Google, Facebook and others are beginning to realize that:

Server to Server encryption of Email messages is never going to be secure.

TLS (Transport Layer Security) – a minimal implementation that allows servers to converse and exchange messages more securely — is not adopted in a high percentage of email servers across the internet.  Something in excess of 40% of Email servers don’t answer this protocol.

250px-Public_key_shared_secret.svgWhat can be done?

For starters: Personal Encryption.

See this Wikipedia Article for some remedial reading — we all need to understand this layer of engineering language.  Relax, there’s lots of pictures.

I’m committed to bringing this topic to the blog on a regular basis.  We’ll try to keep track of what’s being done, and how to easily adopt the best practices.

My forecast is that Services — Google to Facebook, many others will adopt a paradigm that supports personal encryption in various layers — including service to service.  At least you’d know, if you’re sharing credentials and info between a Blog, Facebook and Google (as I do now) that those channels would be secure.   This is big iron taking seriously our privacy needs.

Go man, Go!

True broadband Internet Access – Modeled as a Public Utility!

GoFiberUtah.Org home page.
GoFiberUtah.Org home page. is advancing a new form of Information Highway Utility.  I’ll call it an IUC for Internet Utility Company.

In this example GoFiberUtah.Org is the precursor agency that is doing the precursor plumbing  and politics that will birth a Public / Private partnership, creating an IUC that will extend “Fiber to the Home” – and of course – businesses in their service area.

Visionary, to an extent.  This has happened before in different scenarios but this is the first instance that get’s close to a workable, scalable, sustainable implementation.

A fascinating component of the service proposal will be that “Basic” Access will be provided by the IUC to each “Address” in the network for free.

Read the Executive Summary for yourself!

Thrive on change!