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Best $5 monthly fee we pay – just got better!

GHS - a suite of apps from email, to phone, calendar file share, webs, and multi-media.  Integrated. $5/mo.
GHS – a suite of apps from email, to phone, calendar file share, webs, and multi-media. Integrated. $5/mo.

Our solutions design process builds on free services. If needed we look at paying fees, we always aim for minimal expense.

So,we’ve had a policy — begin with Google Hosted services.

If for some reason clients can identify a legitimate reason the enterprise tools can’t work, or be extended… we’ll start looking at self-hosted or other combinations of services.

Well, in June Google announced that premium features will be added to basic accounts.  These new features go into effect in a few days.

This is the text of the “go live” announcement we received this morning:

Hello Administrators,

As we announced on June 16, the advanced capabilities and admin controls known as Google+ premium features will become standard for our existing business, government, and education customers. This change will take place the week of July 23.

After the change, these controls and capabilities will no longer be called premium features. The premium features setting will also be removed from the Admin console.

If you use Hangouts on Air (HOA), you might’ve noticed that enabling premium features disables HOA. To continue using HOA, just do one of the following:

Before July 23, proactively enable premium features for your domain, then re-enable HOA.

After premium features become the new default, enable HOA.
Visit the Google Apps Help Center to learn more about Google+ premium features.

The fees are minimal. $5/mo per account to start.  Amazing, right?

Okay but here’s something you should consider – Google is advancing the end-to-end messaging security thing.  Right now if you communicate within Google’s servers, your email is secure.  Our understanding is that it’s transparent — but message encryption/decryption is already in place.  That’s a big thing.

So if your enterprise is hosted at GHS, you’re starting from secure.   That’s step one.

Happening Today — Amazon Sumit

If you’re at all interested in “Where things are going”, Amazon is holding it’s AWS Summit in NYC this weekend.

Learn how IT is being removed from the business process — IT is being reshaped in the cloud….  AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a prism through which we can view our collective futures…

90 minutes you’d invest wisely — view the Keynote Address by Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Werner Vogels.

Event registration and resources here



Viral Stats Counter-intuitive

Huff-Po Headline
Huff-Po Headline

An article published in the Huffington Post is worth viewing.  We found some of the research results contrary to assumptions.  And so we’re re-evaluating …

Having used the BuzzSumo tool in client analysis, we’re grateful to view the results and it affects how we coach.

The author of the article (link above) Noah Kagan is Founder of, Marketing explorer at He is a trusted authority, with credible history forecasting SM interaction.

For example the long form post – detailed and researched, cited material – has considerably more traction in SM than the shorter versions we’d previously encouraged.  Why content goes V

Still digesting.

True broadband Internet Access – Modeled as a Public Utility!

GoFiberUtah.Org home page.
GoFiberUtah.Org home page. is advancing a new form of Information Highway Utility.  I’ll call it an IUC for Internet Utility Company.

In this example GoFiberUtah.Org is the precursor agency that is doing the precursor plumbing  and politics that will birth a Public / Private partnership, creating an IUC that will extend “Fiber to the Home” – and of course – businesses in their service area.

Visionary, to an extent.  This has happened before in different scenarios but this is the first instance that get’s close to a workable, scalable, sustainable implementation.

A fascinating component of the service proposal will be that “Basic” Access will be provided by the IUC to each “Address” in the network for free.

Read the Executive Summary for yourself!

Thrive on change!

eBay password change? Now’s a good time.

Sophisticated passwords are a must.  Use no personally identifiable info.
Sophisticated passwords are a must. Use no personally identifiable info.

Change your password.  If you have an account, that is.

Here is a link to a walk-you-through the strokes to get it done:

BEFORE start any changes … Be sure to review all of your settings, especially your mobile telephone number.

I prefer receiving the secondary authentication by text, so if the number was wrong?  It’s difficult to say how much trouble that would cause.

A word on password security: Does yours look like this?

“H1gh.35t Est3me?”

Now write it down (no not literally.) I recommend storing credentials at for a storage tool.  Yes! Keep records, but do so securely!

National Small Business Week – Live Internet Broadcast 9:00AM ET Wednesday

National Small Business Week Broadcast.

The US Government SBA is celebrating National Small Business Week with a live Internet Broadcast Wednesday Morning. It will be very early for us on West Coast, but interesting non-the-less, to consider attending.

See this link

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Fifty Years of BASIC, the Programming Language That Made Computers Personal


History … shocking how far we’ve come.

Originally posted on TIME:

Knowing how to program a computer is good for you, and it’s a shame more people don’t learn to do it.

For years now, that’s been a hugely popular stance. It’s led to educational initiatives as effortless sounding as the Hour of Code (offered by and as obviously ambitious as Code Year (spearheaded by Codecademy).

Even President Obama has chimed in. Last December, he issued a YouTube video in which he urged young people to take up programming, declaring that “learning these skills isn’t just important for your future, it’s important for our country’s future.”

I find the “everybody should learn to code” movement laudable. And yet it also leaves me wistful, even melancholy. Once upon a time, knowing how to use a computer was virtually synonymous with knowing how to program one. And the thing that made it possible was a programming language called BASIC.

John Kemeny John…

View original 8,109 more words

MS to patch IE for Windows XP.

Microsoft to issue Internet Explorer fix for Windows XP — patching latest security hole

Another courtesy posts for followers … I appreciate your preference in hearing from me.  I’ll do my best to cut through the fog.

Just yesterday this popular online source said Microsoft Would not be patching IE for XP.

Then later in the morning yesterday, Microsoft announced on it’s Technet Blog it would — in fact — repair the hole.

I could have posted yesterday on this, but actually thought it wise to let things settle.  Somebody might change their mind again, you know?

Just to be certain: The issue exists with MS IE v6 through 11 browsers.  If you’re using this software, cease doing so.  Wait of the patches to come out.  Access the internet with Chrome, Firefox, Safari … until further news develops.

If any of this changes, I’ll repost.


Seriously. Stop using M.S. Internet Explorer Browser.

A courtesy post .  If you’ve stopped using MS I.E. — move on, read no further.  I’ll post again when the flaw is fixed.

Windows XP is DOA for computer interconnection.  But it's use doesn't need to end.
Windows XP is DOA for computer interconnection. But it’s use doesn’t need to end.

But I was asked by a client to clarify the I.E. issue , and so evidently confusion remains.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser is seriously flawed.

The US and UK Governments have warned their citizens to not use the software.

See this article at for more details.

You should be using Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers until this is patched.

Rumors of patches being ready, are at present, untrue.

This is a different issue from a post I made to this site yesterday attempting to show where Windows XP might continue to be used.  A couple of points on that…

  • Stop using Internet Explorer browser — regardless of the OS you’re using.
  • Stop connecting XP to networks.  (You’ll give the rest of us bugs if you continue to do so.)

Respond / Comment on this post and I’ll answer your concerns.

XP and Explorer — New Security Flaws

Windows XP is DOA for computer interconnection.  But it's use doesn't need to end.
Windows XP is DOA for computer interconnection. But it’s use doesn’t need to end.

I’m asked time and again what owners can expect for continuing use of Windows XP.  My advice is mixed.  But on one point I think we’ve finally crossed the boarder of permissible use.

Over the weekend news emerged that the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser has a newly “Discovered” security flaw across several versions — I it exists in IE versions 8 to 11.

The Microsoft Website says:

“…technical assistance for Windows XP is no longer available, including automatic updates that help protect your PC.Microsoft has also stopped providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP.”

Windows XP is no longer supported.  And updates for the issues with browsers for that OS — regardless of Maker or Date or Version will be inherently unsafe to use in any context.

  • Do not use XP for Browsing
  • Do not use XP for Emailing
  • Do not use XP for Word Processing (or any MS Office product)
  • Moving files to and from the machine by disk or thumb-drive is risky and requires security scanning of the files.

Things that you might consider using XP for — if it is completely off line:

  • Operating a bank of security cameras — that are cabled together.
  • Operating a range of electro / mechanical systems — gates, conveyors, window shades, indoor/outdoor lighting timers
  • Operating sensors — temperature and other environmental regulator equipment in a greenhouse for instance.

The bottom line — is that if you operate your XP machine you should go into the hardware profile and disable the ethernet ports — both physical (Category 5 cable) and wireless (WiFi and BlueTooth.)

If you’re forced to move files on an off the system by “sneaker net” — that is by physical media — scan files going on and scan them coming off.