April 9th 2014 Microsoft will discontinue supporting various “2003” products.

Quoted here is Harry Brelsford owner and CEO of the “SMBNation” brand. (WWW.SMBNation.com)

“You should be keenly focused on the April 8th opportunity – something many SMB IT Pros liken to the Y2K madness of a generation ago. Think about it. You have a “statuary deadline” announced by Microsoft for Small Business Server 2003 and the end-of-support. Our research shows that literally every SMB IT Pro has at least one client STILL RUNNING SBS 2003!
The threat is that, starting on April 9, 2014, Microsoft will not update the underlying operating system (Windows Server 2003) and applications (e.g. Exchange Server 2003) with patches, fixes, definitions and service packs. That means, theoretically, April 8, 2014 (a Tuesday) will literally be the last “Patch Tuesday) for anything ’03 and for Office 2003 and Windows XP.”

Those were the leading paragrapshs of Harry’s SMBNation newsletter dated: 7/30/2013.

Further info be sure to go to http://support.microsoft.com



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