Elsewhere in my blog I noted a nice online QRCode Generator.   Poking around, I realized that it was a widget built to be added to my iGoogle page.   Poking around some more I was reminded that iGoogle is going over the river Styxx November 1.

Not that I used iGoogle much.  Evidently it didn’t engender that much of a following.   Some of us can remember when our desktop was different — before “Social Media.” As an independent contractor, I didn’t have a corporate homepage, or intranet that I lived in.  So I landed myself on iGoogle for a while.

iGoogle was interesting, certainly, and a great example of what we should expect in the future — a continuing trend that involves an evolving desktop.  We adapt and change regularly preferring new tools over the old.  And at some point the old stuff recedes into history.

I thought iGoogle was cool — in it’s time.  Kudos to Google.


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