Sensing a building awareness – that in 2014 we’ll pass a Mobile tipping point – there will be more people connecting to the internet than ever before, not with desktops and laptops … but with mobile appliances.

Further: the largest percentage of new users on the internet will never use a desktop or a notebook computer. The growth in mobile user platforms will continue to extend their adoption lead over PC’s and Notebooks. That put me back in my chair.

If you are 19 in the US, but especially in Europe or the third-world it’s likely you’ll never own a traditional computer … if you’re lucky you’ll use them at school and in the library and then in the office when you become employed.

This interesting Google statistical summary in infographic … looks at it from the Retail analytics perspective.

So imagine meeting someone who has never used Facebook from a desktop computer … their only experience with the service has been through the interface on their phone.

Now imagine how this affects your business.


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