For the fun of it.  Try to follow this.  No, we weren’t drinking… no kidding!

Campaigns - WebPresence - Social Media -BRAND-X
How a website relates to it’s analytics, webmaster data, advertising and social media. Sort of.

4 thoughts on “Back of the napkin sketch – Ecology of services within a Web Presence

    1. Cool. Thanks for “getting it” … The notion has evolved to: “This stuff is so stinking complex you definitely need someone you trust, and pay them well.” Remarkable that at the time “Penguine” was implemented, so few actually understood it. Most still don’t (Panda, Penguine … 2012). Thanks for the cross link.

    1. Some omissions in the diagram to be sure … Like for bricks and mortar businesses – a google places account w/Adwords express & offers to reinforce . F T represent the full spectrum of SM including YouTube

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