Answering client concerns provides perfect opportunities to recognise common concerns.  Here’s another: Is the content in my Web presence mine?

Your content is yours, under copyright rules. Software is different, though.

At WordPress, using software  begins FREE.  .  Annual costs could perhaps be as little as $0.   Add a Domain and forwarding to a blog and it comes to, in the ball park of, $30 per year.

If you wish to pay the extra expense of private hosting, like you have perhaps traditionally done — how much per year? (you decide where, but usually runs at least $1k.) To move off of the freeware, you pay the folks at a one time fee of $129 to do the work of moving it for you, NQA.  Or you can engineer the site replication and move yourself, by following others withed instructions in their KBA’s.

About transferring or moving a blog to or from self-hosting…

Copyright answers: direct from…

For the record: provides free or nearly free sites based on templates. supports using the WP CSS free on self-hosted gear.

It’s a bit to absorb, sure.  Call me!

Bottom line, no one owns your stuff but you.


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