If you were watching news in December this past year, you might have heard that FaceBook is dead.  Some study done in the UK, on a limited population of teens.  The assertion was that FaceBook growth was stagnant to seriously down – across younger demographics. I’m among those who see a different pattern. And it might be one of metamorphic character. There is an early phase, a peak and a diminishing curve.  I have no evidence, only anecdotal suspicions.

An example: History Channel on Cable TV was awesome to start with. Now it airs…? What, I don’t even know, because I never stop past it anymore.Principle of Managed Abandonment

For those less interested in keeping a presence going in the various “channels” available out there in the “wild” on the internet. It’s not so much about colonizing everywhere as it is about knowing which colonies to “ride.” In case a reminder is needed — those channels will change, and more quickly than ever before. It may also become a question of when, if not directed application. It may be that early adoption and managed abandonment becomes a strategy.

Ride the waves.  If Facebook is less relevant to the youngest, you need to know how much of your market is represented by those demographics evaporating into new channels.


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