Owing to some holiday discussion over managing remote resources — those developers and systems talents we find ourselves more and more dependent on — I felt like some of the points in the article (link below) were salient.

The Next Web Article:

5 ways to build company culture with a virtual team

I’d be interested to hear about your experience — for instance, who’s doing your web development?  If you’re like me, I live in WordPress, but if you’re a traditional “Real Estate” business (for instance) — the you services you consume and technology that uses it (mobile) is changing so quickly that you’ll need to find competent help and these resources will almost certainly not be found in your town.


One thought on “Globalization Drives Virtualization in Small Business Operations

  1. Question from a Spammy IP — about linking and quoting — I’d like to approve your post, but the back-link isn’t to content that I’d want folks to assume I approve. But: Sure — You’re always welcome to link, and quote with attribution that is consistent with copyright rules. Go right ahead.

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