In conversations this past weekend, I was once again stunned by how fast the pace of change advances.  When Apple went to market with the iPhone 5’s … something held me back.  It felt like time to take a

What kinds of motion apps will be operable from here -- like signaling digital signage?
What kinds of motion apps will be operable from here — like signaling digital signage?

breather and wait for CES.

Read this illuminating Smart watch piece at CNET.

And now, those dialogues with others have evolved again.  This time a bio-feedback appliance — originally designed in a sports application to train and perfect motions.  Then came the realizations that the Sports Medicine applications abound and so the healthcare implications (like rehabilitating an ACL surgery.)

Fast forward to now.   The sensors — the accelerometers and gyros and force transducers that we thought would be installed into an appliance to be mated with a smart phone and app?  This engineering is redundant — because the tech will be in a watch.  The watch mated to a blue tooth headset.

Anyone who can write a Sports Medicine App for a smart watch — will have access to that market.

A serious by-the-way…

It turns out, for instance — if you’re Arnold Palmer — you might want to patent your swing (because it can probably be digitally reproduced.)  Otherwise, developers might be engineering ways of helping people graft it into their game with Smart Watch app.

You heard it here first.


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