In speaking with associates, I received a somewhat scoffing, if judgmental response to my earlier post on how the emerging Pot business is going to make work for traditional business.

For instance — during the run up to the legislative work, and Pot Leafperhaps especially afterward as the regulatory aspects are considered debated and decided — an agency like (a client of ours) will have huge opportunities  in the arena of consensus building and meeting facilitation.

My forecast is this: there will be a cannabis windfall.  Who’s going to take advantage of it? Not just the growers or the smokers.  Attorneys, accountants and garden supply stores should be positioning now to place their feet on the path to servicing this emerging sector of the economy.  If you check, you’ll see that a dollar earned from Consulting Cannabis business is still the same green color and spends just as easily.

Unless, morals are an issue — businesses should be thinking about this growth opportunity.

An example of groups who are astonishingly silent on the subject have been the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network.  I expect some movement there soon, though.

By the way, I don’t smoke pot … I don’t even drink anymore.  For the record.  The only nest to feather, is a financial one.

I’d appreciate hearing serious thinking — thanks in advance for your comments.


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