No surprise.

Reducing to an appliance, wifi and cloud apps.  Tablets mature.
Reducing to an appliance, wifi and cloud apps. Tablets mature.

We all know Google is driving it’s products to evolve so that search results are more and more confined to content that we actually want to see. Getting rid of the “noise” and clutter is critical to the relevance of their product and advertising models.  Read $.

This article at Social Strategies blog pulls back the curtain a little.

Honestly though, the learning curve with G+ has felt rather steep.Pretty big investment of time to learn the basics. And it helps me quite a bit, I feel — that I’ve weaned off of Microsoft / Apple software — that is to say that I’m “living” in my browser on Google Apps.  I’ve been drifting that way since 4Q ’13 really.

Repercussions are profound.  Quoting comments in correspondence this morning to me from a client (in her late 50’s) who travels to work all over the place…

“I am traveling and practicing doing work only in my iPad with Google Apps. I am getting it little by little.”

I find that I’m working more on my Android tablet too.   I don’t take the notebook anywhere.  And this past week I advised someone else to skip over the Chromebook option and go for a tablet.

The next big innovation in SmartPhones is going to be hard to resist.  I’m ready to let my iPhone4 go…


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