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The news published this article (on which I commented) that makes a point in general: that many communities in the US are prepared to expand into the knowledge worker economy, but don’t have the entrepreneurial leadership and vision to begin.

My town Bandon, Oregon is one of them.  (You might note that I’m connected by Fiber to the internet at my office – See the blurb on this page upper right.)

Local Example: A For Sale/Lease sign is posted on a property that formerly housed a Medical practice.  It’s perfect for a call center, or for Executive office hotel space.  I contact the agent, and he’s clueless, doesn’t understand what I’m speaking about.  Won’t put me in contact with the owner (maybe he is the owner?)

Amenities Count! Bandon has the blessing of being adjacent to some of the best Links-style Golf in the US.  And beaches, fishing, etc. People come here to vacation.  We should encourage them to come, stay longer — work and play.

Bandon is an example of a destination city that would benefit greatly from a vision that would include being a collaborative haven — a place for think tanks and executive committees, boards and coalitions to visit, meet, work and play.

My point is — well connected US destinations with amenities have an advantage.  Time to leverage it.

Google Search for Satellite Internet Subject — the rest of the world is catching up!   There’s been quite a bit recently in the news, about big internet corporations realizing that the cost of launching satellites is going down, and the communications tech is getting simpler and cheaper (like sending cell phones into orbit as miniature sensors.)

Something to watch.  What can you add to the idea that we’re sitting on great potential, but lack leadership to grasp it?


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