In an email shared with me today, I read how a company that hadn’t done anything with their website since 2004 was congratulating itself

Is your Web Presence upgrade being developed in a puppy mill?
Is your Web Presence upgrade being developed in a puppy mill?

over it’s decision to invest big dollars in a “Forklift” replacement.

My sense of the situation is that they expect to incur these expenses,  write them off over perhaps years and deploy a more or less static web site.  They expect to ‘reap the rewards’ — banking at least that existing clients will take them more seriously.  Heavens knows their vision for developing new relationships.

Helping develop a Web presence is a gig.  I don’t charge much for it, because it simply has to be part of the repertoire.

A Gig (big G) would be advising a client (like the one paying  big dough for a forklift update) on how to imagine using their Web Presence to engage their community and audience.

Deeply important is how to go about evolving company culture to one oriented toward engaging those communities.

An analogy: I may have a backpack full of climbing gear, a camera and neat-o Glacier Glasses (shiny new website, I look good!)  But if I don’t take them up Mt Hood, I’m not climbing. (Doing the work of Social Engagement.)  Further, why not ascend Mt. Rainier,  then go for McKinley?

Where the real opportunities exist — are in DISRUPTIVE elements a business needs in order to redefine and reallocate their share of the market.

What’s disruptive in your space will be a vision that not only sees the impact of the Company Web Presence — but the enormous capability that emerges from collaboration with clients and associates — who’s dedicated internet properties can amplify and be amplified in the ecosystem that is defined by your group.

To be disruptive in your space, be an early adopter.  Since few others are having this conversation, you’d be well advised to keep some of what you read here private — at least within dialogues among your competition.

It’s a conflict of interest isn’t it?  To sell a product the provider knows to be less than optimum for the client.  But they have to, in order to be profitable in their own right.

How can you avoid the kind of epic fail that is to miss out on colonizing Social Media?  What are the mitigations?  Recourses and resources?

Well, you can always just throw more money at it.  At least that way change isn’t part of the deal, but the budget was used.

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