Giving a talk in Bandon at the public Library June 25th.

Schedule and venue details at

“Anatomy of a Web Presence. “

A high-level discussion of how services like Email, Websites, Social Media, “Cloud Computing” and our appliances – phones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers – relate to the ecology that we know as the Internet.  How to buy, consume and enjoy them.

One thing is certain: Technology evolves.  So, more and more aspects of our daily experience become dependent on “networking”.  From the GPS in our car, to the music we listen to, games, TV and even the lights in our homes — depend on connections.  Our ability to receive news, messages and phone calls — stay in touch with our world —  are all carried in a matrix of services we pay for.  We need to grasp how those services work.

Operating in this environment can seem very intimidating and ultimately become more expensive than is should.  Knowing how these services are interrelated will help us direct our learning so that we can remain aware of — and ahead of — the tides of change.
In our discussion we will look “under the hood” of a theoretical “Small Business” Web Presence — how a website, social media, computers, appliances and other features are knit together in an affordable, usable, responsive amalgam of functions.  

We explore what enables the business to engage their clients, prospect for new ones and remain relevant in a very fast paced environment of change.


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