Face time now happens more frequently in Google Hangouts.  Use it.
Face time now happens more frequently in Google Hangouts. Use it.

Trust.  It’s a huge issue.  I posted earlier in this site about an emerging sense that new forms of ID are going to be needed.  I’m writing again to encourage others with dialogue I’ve had recently with clients and others trying to get a handle on which direction they need to be drifting in their personal Tech.

First let me reiterate: As the Internet continues to “grow up” I expect many more (millions) corporate professionals will find themselves in private practice.  What we’ve done for the past 20 years, while not so important perhaps at the DOW or NASDAQ level — probably remains critical at the small and medium business level.  And so we consult from home offices.

In the face of huge obstacles — security and configuration difficulties to start with — but basic configuration and management of an ever-changing herd of appliances — great confusion and huge headaches lurk.  How do we stay ahead of the curve.

The answer is simple.  Follow the leader.  And if it’s not in the Cloud fuggedaboudit.

  • Google Hosted services has a solution for every enterprise network question you need to answer.  Chrome and Android are the OS’s to seriously consider.  Apple is great if you want a home base station / mothership computing appliance.
  • Amazon Web Services has a solution for every hosting and E-commerce issue you might face.  Including payments processing.
  • Banks are easy to select.  Throw your finances in with your favorite credit union.
  • Business Financials?  Quickbooks online.
  • Customer Relationship Management?  Salesforce.com
  • Email and list management?  MailChimp.com

The two basic principles you need to adopt for success as you begin “Drinking the Leaders Kool-aid”

  1. Avoid, at all costs, reinventing the wheel.
  2. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

If you’re holding on to MS Office and Outlook?  Perhaps an XP desktop?!!  Suck it up.  for $350 you can be sitting at the head of the class with all of your stuff online, backed up, available all of the time from anywhere.  AND!!  It’s free or nearly free to do.


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