A courtesy post .  If you’ve stopped using MS I.E. — move on, read no further.  I’ll post again when the flaw is fixed.

Windows XP is DOA for computer interconnection.  But it's use doesn't need to end.
Windows XP is DOA for computer interconnection. But it’s use doesn’t need to end.

But I was asked by a client to clarify the I.E. issue , and so evidently confusion remains.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser is seriously flawed.

The US and UK Governments have warned their citizens to not use the software.

See this article at CNet.com for more details.

You should be using Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers until this is patched.

Rumors of patches being ready, are at present, untrue.

This is a different issue from a post I made to this site yesterday attempting to show where Windows XP might continue to be used.  A couple of points on that…

  • Stop using Internet Explorer browser — regardless of the OS you’re using.
  • Stop connecting XP to networks.  (You’ll give the rest of us bugs if you continue to do so.)

Respond / Comment on this post and I’ll answer your concerns.


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