Condensed from internet authority Noah Kagan:
A couple months ago John Corcoran, a former Clinton White House Writer, reached out on Twitter, then email, and then email again.

Despite all of the other emails we see asking for time, John cuts right through.

Here’s how he does it.

Five Tips:

1. Grease the Wheels Ahead of Time
2. Be Brief
3. Communicate How You Will Benefit THEM
4. Make It Fun
5. Find Things You Have in Common

InterwestIT agrees. Remaining in touch with your contacts other than by Social Media is essential.

Be the master of prospecting your contacts for new leads by following those rules but also by using a re-mailing service — that has some kind of contact management built-in.

Some of these are, Constant Contact. Our advice is try the free version. Most will permit you to upload segments of your contact list by ASCII text file. Try them, see what happens.


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