It’s a blessing to help. Better feedback isn’t possible.

Cleone writes

Today is a new day. A day for change. With so many ideas and goals, where do we start? We have been advised to start with opening an account on, connect it to Facebook and Twitter. (How about LinkedIn??) They often say getting started is being half way there. So I am announcing that we are now HALF WAY there to reaching our new set of goals! 

What are some of our goals, you may ask. My husband said when we got together eleven years ago (this week!!) that he wanted a partner who was 1. sane and 2. someone who wouldn’t “over-share.” On a personal, relationship level, when we share too much about our pasts, we plant seeds in the other person’s brain that may be hard to erase. When we share too much with the public about what our new professional goals are, we may diffuse the power…

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