Government thirst for tax revenue drives political change.  Is your business positioning itself to benefit?
Government thirst for tax revenue drives political change. Is your business positioning itself to benefit?

Owing to past reflection on the subject of Hemp Business in this blog … it’s perhaps time to assess the process as we watch the required legislative changes taking place.  If you’ve been under a rock the past 24 months, you might not be aware that states (Oregon is one) are moving toward regulation over criminalization.  The ramifications are huge.

Hemp is the Gold Rush of the early 2000’s

In the IT world — we’re not concerned with growing, or refining or distribution or sales / consumption.  But we are excited about the enabling infrastructure and unique high-tech needs the industry will develop.  A few of these:

  • Smart Environmental Controls — being able to adjust lighting, HVAC and other critical components.   These are 24×7 and alerts will flow to Smart Phones where apps will permit tuning the facility on the fly.  These subsystems require everything from cabling and terminations, to Wireless hotspots and monitoring and maintenance, updates and all of the usual “computer” help.
  • Security — Placement of cameras, networks, other sensors and the alerts, responses and documentation that flows from these systems will require servers, storage and cloud services.
  • Marketing — Websites and community forums will emerge, but eventually so also considerable E-Commerce.   We hope Amazon and Ebay get ahead of the curve.

In summary, if your business has a footprint in these areas (and many more) you’re in position to benefit from legislative changes that are on the horizon.   If not, or your politics or “ethics” prevent  your professional consideration of the facts … that legalization is immanent … then that just leaves so much more for the rest of us.

We know that this moves ahead for one simple reason — Government is never without thirst for tax revenue.  If reform is required, politicians will eventually get behind it.

What are your thoughts?  How are you positioning your business to catch some of the wind driving “Sails” in Hemp business?




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