Jan. 28 Live Event Recap — what we learned. Windows 10, awesome.

Anatomy of a Web Presence

Youtube Live
Live streaming to Youtube via Google Hangout? It’s pretty easy, but you have to build the Youtube channel and make the preparations.

Afterward though, we “unpublished” it (a link embedding it is below.) Why? Pretty seriously dull stuff, otherwise and — not produced with any characteristic titles, etc.

For a more intentional purpose there are a ton of possibilities and some things to rehearse … The crucial bits are a good PC and Camera and of course solid internet access.  In this case: We streamed 123minutes … no hiccups.

Unsure why, but at one point the audio failed.  This has to have been my fault … I think mistakenly clipped the mute button on the Notebook keyboard when I was moving the computer around on the desk.

The Windows 10 Prerelease build was stable — I not only streamed the video over a Logitec USB II HD web cam but, remarkably recorded video !simultaneously! with my…

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