These basics need to be addressed before you spend anyway.  Go get after it:
  • Claim and Correct your Business Identity
  • Colonize Social Media Channels
  • Create Content on your Blog
1.) Claim & Correct: your business ID on Search Engine Services:

Note: Create these accounts with a “generic” identity — ‘admin@YourDomain.TLD’ is perfect.
Record the credentials in a secure file — plan for successors at each step of the process.

Also Note: find a more complete listing of engines:

2.) Colonize: Social Media channels:

Facebook Page


Google Plus (connects to the places /business account also)

** And others as appropriate to your target markets.

Note: Use the same Generic account info to create these … then invite your personal profiles in the SM Channels to be “Administrator” on the pages.  Connect your “Anchor Website” to these channels to share your blog posts with those followers.

3.) Content Creation: Begin any time or ASAP – Categorize, Tag and install images… You can do this in parallel with 1 & 2.  Start now!

This is a very daunting list … especially trying to understand the Search Engine Business Places processes.  But you’ll find them to be much the same … Start with Google. After you’re done there, use the same info on the others — emphasis here — be sure to use the same branding info that you’ve built into your “Anchor Website.”  Consistency counts here.

We answer questions on the Three C’s all the time.  Don’t hesitate to ask.
And never forget — if your development at the Anchor Website level isn’t optimized for Mobile, stop what you’re doing.  Restart with Mobile being the target.

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