G+Having linked in the past to my personal G+ page, it was time to give in and send blog copy to my footprint in Business Pages at Google. Among many benefits is one of astonishing potency. When my G+ Business Page is featured in organic search results – part of that panel will feature information on my latest blog posts at my anchor website (interwestit.com.)

So, in a few strokes I resurrected and updated the old listing that I used for a time with Adwords Express (try to keep track of those account credentials — I use PassPack.com) … The I generated a custom Google URL and cross-linked the G+ page to InterWestIT.com– which is the “anchor” in my web presence. I then featured G+ in my site by adding it to the social links menu. I also authorized the site to post to the G+ Account in three or four more swipes of the mouse.

Here’s the deal — and I’ve known this for quite a while, but perhaps you don’t.  Most, in fact a vast majority of the independent talent out there is mining Google in one way or another. The value of an account there is essentially limitless.  What I mean is; more and more we see that work is getting done sharing documents, calendars and content via this network, especially among independent contractors like myself.

I keep several Identities at Google. For various reasons. Some having to do with security, other having to do with segregating work and personal interests, and volunteer things, etc. Google is great that way.  Don’t you just hate that FB wants everything in one bin? A reason pros avoid it like the plague. Google lets you cross manage all of the accounts you might have there by inviting your primary one to “manage”.  In my list, I see my own accounts, and those of several clients. Amen.

The comparison would go something like this: G+ for your business is a single stop shop – versus having multiple accounts across various SM channels to accomplish a parallel result.  Having Google doesn’t limit your footprint in other Channels.  Rather, it’s becoming an “anchor.”

Hangouts quote mark
G+ is great for things like a real-time, collaborative workspace space (Google Hangouts) with no geographic constraints.

G+ is central for services – for what I mentioned above in a classic sense, but also for things like a real-time, collaborative workspace space (Google Hangouts) with no geographic constraints and state of the art office tools including telephone. An example you ask?

Do you still listen to voicemail? Are you frustrated with making by-hand transcriptions? And then passing the info on to another party for handling? You’re wasting precious time.

Me? I read the transcription I receive via text message, from the Google Voice system, while noting who sent it (usually in my contacts list) and then pass it directly to the resource that will attend the issue. I can email the transcription if I receive the call while online. Either method is less bothersome than sending a two sentence email.

The introduction I include with the message I forward? “This is 4 u.”

With my google number (541)632-3866 — I never actually (or very seldom anyway) listen to voicemail. (transcriptions are getting better, by the way…)

One of many examples.

What about YouTube? Are you learning how to integrate multi-media? I’ve begun to use you-tube to share status reports with people or give instructions to resources not in my time zone (say 12hr ahead – know where I mean?), or when physically making a hangout (video conference) isn’t possible .  Why? because much is conveyed by the tone of my voice, the frown on my face and red tie. (just kidding!)

Time to catch up, people.


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