This Monday, Google is changing it’s corporate umbrella company name to “Alphabet.”

Fortune Magazine characterizes the move in this way:

“By embracing the name Alphabet, Google is becoming a pure house of brands. The parent brand, Alphabet, will own a number of different brands, including Google, Android and You Tube. Alphabet apparently won’t be a consumer-facing brand; it will be the corporate parent.

A deeper analysis, however, reveals that this is a smart, strategic branding strategy for Google.”

How this will impact users of Google Hosted Services (GHS) is yet to be understood — but for some weeks now, we’ve noticed that search results seem more restricted to Google Channels.

For instance Googling “google hosted services” used to give all sorts of integrated results – with overt preference to Google properties.  Now the results include and Google Apps for Work mixed in with results from and other providers.

So: Heads up! If this hasn’t been on your radar and you use these Google Verticals — you might have some new strokes to master. Don’t worry, we can help.

On the other hand if Gmail is all you use? Relax. This is unlikely to change at all. And by the way, if you’re already a GHS subscriber (for DNS, Email and Apps, Sites, etc. … These should remain unaffected.

It seems primarily to be an investor strategy and to improve liquid assets for the Founders.


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