When major players in the hosting space give their advice, Heads up. In this case Network Solutions (NetworkSolutions.com) makes suggestions which update a list we blogged about previously. We pay attention.

Ensuring that your website is easily found online involves a range of issues — we call this the modern “Ecology of Internet Services.”

Among the more important actions required is that you submit your website to the major search engines and internet directories. MONTHLY.

  1. Google™
  2. Yahoo!®
  3. Bing™
  4. Yelp
  5. Angie’s List®
  6. Hotfrog
  7. Foursquare™
  8. Kudzu
  9. ZipLocal
  10. MerchantCircle®

What’s this do? Essentially two things.

  • First that each of these providers (who’s integration to advertising and solutions references for search) are consistently aware that your site is “real” and “alive.” This infers your legitimate claim to the business and services you operate.
  • Next it triggers re-indexing of your content. Think of it this way: Which sites are best for these agencies to focus on? The ones that want to be listed. This infers that if your site is offered to an ‘asker’ and they click through? You’re more likely to respond. This means that listing your site was helpful and reinforces the ‘asker’ using the listing service in the future.


Go to each search engine / internet directory web page. Locate the instructions and then complete a monthly refresh of your listing. If you would like us to complete this process for you contact us!


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