Content is already King. Has been since the emergence of Symantec Search. It will be ever more so in the age of AI personal assistance.

Most (especially SMB’s) have not yet realized that in the information age, the inference is the “market of one.”

Success in the information age age is not only about producing valuable tangible products / services… but is deeply dependent upon producing valuable information about those products.

We can no longer be assured that “if you build it, they will come.”

However if you build it, and Kim Kardashian tweets that she loves it? The social media (and purchase response) will be immediate.

Notice the relationship?

The info shared by someone about your product (or service) conveys value. That info is best controlled at inception — by a Content Strategy that anticipates these effects is the Websphere.

In recent news, a taste of this reality was in Kim’s release of her “Kimoji’s” to the Apple Store online. What can one learn from this?

It’s not that the app store broke. But that in saying so, She engenders more interest in her product.  Simply: Brilliant.

Enjoyed the frame of reference regarding “Content Strategy” in this article.


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