Answering this question deserves a post of it’s own.

In a recent example we noticed that uses Twitter Handles for each Oregon Highway. Cool, right? You can follow updates there.

Citing this example: @TripCheckOR42A

If you have a Twitter Account, you can get alerts from that Handle.

But Hashtags are ubiquitous across social media channels. In a post a few minutes ago I demonstrated ONE avenue that leverages filtering Handle traffic across SM platforms for updates to a hashtag.

Remaining on the same subject: #ORHwy42

Which is linked into / with the page:

Okay, so why is this important? Publishing posts across various SM channels with the hashtag is possible for anyone.  And it’s not limited to just Twitter.  I might be using Instagram, but if it’s cross-linked to my twitter account? I can update conditions where I work best online (Instagram) and it will echo / filter to the others.

If I have a Tagboard operating for that hashtag? I’ll get text alerts.

I can operate a Tagboard for critical ‘memes’ — it takes a moment or so to start one.

This is powerful. It engages the public more seamlessly than depending on Handles.


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