For the past week or so, I’ve been exploring Prosperworks CRM. A Google App that embeds with Google Hosted Services and mobile appliances / smartphones. My experience so far has been kind of shocking – Prosperworks seems able to capture contact info and history without much effort on my part.
I’ve begun to take seriously their claim: “…the world’s first zero input CRM.” It’s sort of like power steering…
At $19/mo/user (basic) it’s much more affordable than or MS CRM in the cloud.
I spoke briefly about this service in the SMB IT Newscast on 2/26/2016. More info and links quoted from their listing on Google below:

Company Info:
Name: ProsperWorks
Overview: ProsperWorks is the world’s first zero input CRM.
Designed specifically for Google Apps, ProsperWorks helps companies sell more faster by identifying, organizing and tracking sales opportunities right in Gmail, Calendar and Google Drive. By removing the need for data entry, salespeople can focus on developing business and managers can finally have accurate forecasting with real time activity tracking.
ProsperWorks was founded by Jon Lee, Kelly Cheng and Andrew Hu with the commitment to empower small business sales and marketing. Jon was Founder/CEO of three big data companies that solved optimization problems in advertising, gaming and photo sharing. Each company realized successful exits.
The team also includes the leaders in engineering and product from Facebook Mobile, BaseCRM and Salesforce. ProsperWorks has raised $10 million in funding from True Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, Crunchfund and other high-profile angel investors.
ProsperWorks is based in San Francisco, CA. Approx. Number of Employees: 30 Founded: 2011
Keywords: Automotive, CRM, Finance, Google Apps, Leadership, Management, Podcasting, Productivity, SAAS, Sales, Startups
221 Main Street Suite 1350
San Francisco, CA 94105

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