Mugshot_CherryInterMediaOpen Letter to Foundations

Over the years I’ve happily volunteered for a range of NPO/NGO’s. I’ve given skills, time, and ongoing help / training to produce their “Web Presence”. But I sense the tip of an iceberg.

One way to perceive “what lies beneath” is as an emerging opportunity. Based on that, I’m reaching out to Foundations of various types with a history of charitable participation seeking dialogue.

The kinds of groups I’m speaking of are “Nano” NPO’s. Recently: an animal shelter, a community food bank, a library and a local thespian troop. The one on my radar presently? Each worthy in their own ways. The work I contribute includes conveying a spectrum of best practices I’ve developed for teeny orgs. And that brings me to my point.

There are tens of thousands of these Nano NPO’s. Each of them must have assistance deploying or redeploying elements of a web presence that functions well in today’s internet. For instance: “Mobile Readiness.” A phrase that isn’t in BOD vocabularies, but is essential to search results today.

I would like to ask: “What can we do to help them?”

My suggestion centers on funding an NPO to organize IT volunteers and provide a “tool kit” of best practices. If you have the time and inclination, I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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