This is a 2nd Amendment challenge to collaborate.

Let’s use the skills we’ve developed working in corporate America to address competing concerns in political America.

First we need someone (in the Organizational Change Management Consulting space, for instance) who’s politics are oriented to “loose the 2nd Amendment, already.” The only condition is that we can carry on a coldly rational, professional dialogue.

Then we need someone who is by definition “defend the 2nd Amendment at any cost.” Again, the only condition is that we can carry on a coldly rational, professional dialogue.

There is a third constituency — that of Police. Their orientation is to “serve and protect.”
The person representing this group would be by definition be “professional” by virtue of their work experience and exposure to both “sides” of the “debate.”

Can we put on our respective “consulting hats”and address this conflict as an “operational challenge?”

  • “How can we operate the USA and properly treat the notions that exist in the constitution.”
  • “What changes need to be made to support each constituency?”

Is it possible for a three-pronged coalition of concerned parties, by applying organizational change management best practices to outline a mutually agreeable

In the blogosphere … a “discussion / debate” project like this might have quite a bit of traction.

The “objective”? Assemble recommendations for circulation to … Politicians (ewww.)

Share your thoughts, please!

2nd Amendment Challenge Parties to the project
Issues on the table Pro 2nd Amendment Anti 2nd Amendment Law Enforcement Other?
Must have
No concern

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