Something tells me the education system is ready to dissolve.

Why? The easiest way to understand my view is to realize that Henry Ford almost made buggy whips obsolete. Almost.

I think there will always be a place for private education, tutoring and mentoring. But the areas of interest will become very confined.

How does the electronic gaming world inform the institutional edifices we revere in education?

Why? The world we observe and understand as “entertainment” will move beyond that limited scope and very quickly begin to affect how we learn. Actually? It already has. (Think PBS and CNN.) The greatest impact will be among the youngest learners.

Some time ago I realized that a generation now exists that may never use a desktop computer. Their experience of tech will only be in mobile appliances.

I now realize that a generation will soon exist (if they’re not already out there) that may never experience a classroom.

The current method of pushing traditional educational content online is rather like pulling a Model T with a couple of horses.

Having followed a range of institutions (MIT, Stanford, others) in their push toward online coursework, I realize this is rather like pulling a Model T with a couple of horses. I appreciate that courses can be “audited” for nothing, that the testing can take place and credits awarded if paid for … but it’s really just a perpetuation of a system that rewards academics in academia for staleness.

The percentage of professors at an undergraduate level who continue to research, develop and extend their relevance is astonishingly low.

Where then, will “Professors” work in the future? Perhaps as arbiters of “Truth” in their subject area. The issue is that anyone online can pose as an expert. The question is, who really is and what is it that they say?  Conventions, organizations and regulations can’t cover it all.  And where they do cover, it’s made a mess. Try going online to seek medical advice.

There are two mega-disruptors to consider.  The Gaming world. And AI.

In conjunction, these two influences will reduce the education system we see today to rubble.


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