As I pointed out in a previous post, AI’s will be particularly valuable in applications where improvements to process rely on assessing patterns and large amounts of Data.  An observation I make is that in the “Next Inflection” there will be net jobs lost to AI’s, as the drudgery of testing and evaluation are baked out of the business. But there is also the issue of quality.

Medicine and medical testing is one example I cited where locality limits certainty. When results of tests can be compiled and cross-assessed over millions of circumstances, higher quality of diagnosis can be assured.

Medicine and medical testing is also an example of the “deep pockets” needed to afford first generation cognitive computing. Thus IBM’s investment in Watson.

I particularly enjoyed CEO Ginni Rometty’s sound bite that I’m sure was well planned in advance by the marketing science folks at IBM:

AI is “In the cloud, it’s mobile and it’s embedded.” Ginni Rometty on Fareed Zakaria GPS, CNN.


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