There’s a presumption that “Big Data” is good. We’ve arrived at the realization that whether or not big data can be used for “good”- Big Data exists and it will not go untapped.

I’ve begun using moments in this blog to point out places where things will change. Within the economy, the worry is about jobs. This new inflection is places “knowledge workers” at risk. Recently, dialogues regarding “Where do people fit” have boiled themselves down to “Creativity and Inspiration.” It seems like there are only a few remaining questions to be answered.

Will AI’s be capable of Art?  And if so, who will they make Art for? Other AI’s?

The open-ended nature of these questions infer that we don’t know.

Worth digesting an article:  “Will AI Help Big Data Deliver on it’s Promise” Vicky Mathews (briefly) elaborates some of the emerging linkages and affects we can expect in the near-term.

“AI enables computers to communicate with humans, autonomously drive cars, write and publish sport match reports, beat them at board games and find terrorist suspects. The possibilities are endless and will no doubt change the ways in which we will live our lives in the future. Not only does AI present new possibilities in our day to day lives but also within wider reaching areas such as national cyber security, and special projects to combat human trafficking and arms dealings such as the collaboration between NASA and DARPA.” Vicky Mathews.

Vicky Mathews is the Content Director US/Europe for the CAO Forum.


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