Two former FBI agents employed now by Travelers Insurance Investigative Services hack into a typical business website and download sensitive data in a matter of minutes to demonstrate how quickly a cyber attack can happen.

Check out the full story:

Returning to the suggestion that AI’s will be adopted into the Security Profession, the efficiency of the humans in this are skills that can be replicated in intelligent systems.  This resonates and reinforces our earlier posts that discuss how deep pockets of the security industry will fund early adoption of AI’s to protect assets and in the case of Travelers Insurance, clients.

The implication is that in fast automated response scenarios, AI’s – Black Hats and White Hats will quickly find themselves directly engaged in attack, defense and counter attacks.

Sound like a recipe for unintended consequences?

What about the capacity of AI’s to negotiate truce. What if in a matter of moments, a range of battle scenarios play out, leading to stalemate. What’s next? Do the AI’s Email their human operators the details of the truce?


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