I started with the Google Chrome plugin and have added it to my Mac Desktop. The system makes college-level suggestions that I sometimes miss.

I’ll be using the interface as a pre-processor / content refinery for client work and for my own stuff (but over which, admittedly I’m much less particular.)

For instance, I’m writing this post in Chrome / Gmail. And I’ll run Grammarly over it before I post.

Thumbs up. Give it a try … the basic version seems like it will remain free.

See below what suggested… Screen Capture of “Before.”

Close inspectors will notice: The Chrome embedded Grammarly app didn’t catch the “I’m” misspelling after the “For instance.” But when I chose to edit the post online in it did. That much requires just one click in, the edit and one click out — and the text is amended for me in Chrome / Gmail.

In previous posts, I’ve discussed how critically important it is for online content to read well — search engines are grading our work!

Content intelligence is an invisible and powerful way to get your work noticed. Just because math is easy and English is utter black magic — doesn’t mean you can’t write well. Just get help.


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