launched a new HR portal for job applicants today.

Ever curious, I’m interested in what “creative” companies are doing online. is fascinating if you peek under the covers just a little. Their offices are located around the globe. But not the US. They have no US bricks and mortar footprint (that they list.) 

So I  blasted through the talent acquisition process. To see what it’s like (not that I’m expecting an interview…)  My impression: the Paradigm shift for HR is in evidence here!

The salary requirements question was in English Pounds, naturally. Name and contact info.Upload a CV. Two or three pages multiple choice/check boxes relating generally to skills, aptitudes/interest, and style. Finally, I answered four *very* thought-provoking and entertaining questions via videos, limited to 90 seconds each.  I was done in 15 minutes.

Way to go Trivago! 

But I have questions!

Those skills, aptitudes/interest and style boxes I checked – are they a filter? Does the applicant profile condense a longer list of possible questions to the four you ask them to answer by video? If so, VERY Cool.

As one who’s been in the HR loop a fair amount – I suspect that the Trivago method will catch fire in other companies and talent search agencies. Why? Because the person or persons reviewing applicants will, within a very short few minutes know with some certainty if the talent they are reviewing is worth following up.  Narrowing the candidate pool is where most HR organizations invest the lion’s share of time. Trivago just condensed the process to minutes. And with this method, stars will shine.

BTW Trivago? Your TV ads encapsulate my travel experiences with great humor. Thanks! 

Find the talent portal here


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