Home Owner’s Websites (HOW’s) are emerging just as Commercial Owners Websites (COW’s did) a decade ago.

On numerous occasions, we’ve indicated something of the concept of the “Home Owners Manual On Steroids”.  A HOW is a website that is purpose-built for an address for the collection and retention of all kinds of the property records. These webs can and are often linked to Security and Infrastructure Management systems. Some homes already have websites. Ours does. Here’s that link:  Https://1160fahy.us

We estimate that in the next 10 years, 100 million residential addresses will be documented. Commencing with premium home properties. Some homes already have websites. Ours does. Here’s that link:  Https://1160fahy.us



The second link is representative of the industry (relatively small as it is at present) operating in the commercial space. You’ll note that some of the more forward-looking players have t foothold (Quicken, is an exmple.)

I started designing and implementing documentation systems (web sites) in the early 2000’s. We assembled them in parallel with construction processes. First for a couple of telecom data centers and then for Campus Office projects.

The notion is that all sorts of records are collected, organized, managed and made searchable on the site, that it is secured. That the site changes hands with property ownership. That successive owners use the site to document maintenance and enhancements/improvements. That the site becomes part of a package of documents that support later re-sale or re-leasing.

We’re publicizing this notion because we feel strongly it’s an emerging Real Estate best practice.

The offering is: A capital investment to build the website and recurring fees to keep it operating. Requiring these systems should be a part of future lease negotiations.

Commercial Owners Websites (COWs) and Home Owners Websites (HOW’s) are the future. We were discussing chain-of-title. Imagine how much deeper the documentation requirements might go?

There are several intersecting AOI’s (areas of interest):
Property Security
Smart Property Operations (HVAC, Lighting, Entertainment…)
Smart Appliances (Internet of Things)
Anything associated with leasing/rental

Artificial Intelligence will play a huge part.


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