If you’re following Elon Musk’s involvement at Twitter.com, you’ll be familiar with the process and how messy it’s become. Quite a few users there are trying other social networks, the most mentioned service is Mastodon.Social.

Mastodon is a global network of privately operated open-source servers. Each presents a different interest and server name. But together they form a distributed, open network of content collections. They’re federated by users cross-following each other across those server instances. Many are so busy, they aren’t accepting new accounts. So more instances are being built.

Like the one I dropped today via DigitalOcean.com, a cloud server platform. It’s called:


If you want to see what it’s all about? Here’s my invitation to join me there: https://yankee.social/invite/8CYEJfrD

An afterthought is: If you’re not getting used to working in the Cloud, these kinds of opportunities are sailing past.

I built the Yankee.Social Mastodon instance for friends, family and others with similar views. It will be closely monitored.


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