Early Adopters are reaping considerable benefits from learning to use AI in their work. And this crosses EVERY professional vertical.

But most especially – if you are a credentialed worker – Lawyer, Doctor, Financial Planner, Accountant? Even if you’re a project manager working in home construction… If you are a Journalist or content creator? You’d better be tuning in.

In order to be competitive in the future of your market for services, AI is going to be a big part of your daily workflow.

I’ve been asked tons of questions about "how it works." And – Full Disclosure – I don’t actually know the plumbing. But many people drive cars and don’t know how they work, so the pattern is repeating itself.

Here’s the simplest way I can characterize AI usefulness for the uninitiated.

If you use Google (for instance) to search for answers to common questions that cross your desk. ChatGPT is far superior.

A search engine will supply links matching a given search criteria. It’s up to you to filter and interpret the results. This usually results in more questions, and more searches and more time spent considering the results. Try Googling "Treat Flu Symptoms" for instance.

ChatGPT will analyze results across a bottomless sea of relevant data and compose cogent answers. You can control the level of creativity it employs or clamp down and get very conservative answers that represent the best, clearest actual data. (This is a great way to process news, for instance.)

OK. So Everyone has questions. I’ve been asking my contacts, just like you should be doing right now.

Here’s a place to start: https://www.therundown.ai/

How hard can IT be? Can I help?


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