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Aiding NPO/NGO Tech at small scales

Open Letter to Foundations Over the years I’ve happily volunteered for a range of NPO/NGO’s. I’ve given skills, time, and ongoing help / training to produce their “Web Presence”. But…

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NPO / NGO Web Presence Essentials

Which Web Presence elements are essential for Non-profit groups. How to obtain and operate these components for free or very low cost. Web Presence Essentials for NGO’s / NPO’s —…

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@ It’s approaching 8 hours? Landing page answers, but login fails (stalls.) Monitoring…

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CRM in Google Apps – Power Steering

For the past week or so, I’ve been exploring Prosperworks CRM. A Google App that embeds with Google Hosted Services and mobile appliances / smartphones. My experience so far has…

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CRM for SMB’s – Google’s Prosperworks?

Do SMB’s need advanced Contacts Management? What alternatives exist and which work with the tech that SMB’s are using. Google is pushing Prosperworks.

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Marketing Asset: Contacts Info

Email addresses accumulated in the bowels of email clients operated by SMB’s engender great power and represent big value. You can use the for free but use them intelligently!

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SMB IT Newscast 1/27/2016

The business of selecting and managing Small Business personal and shared computing infrastructure — PC’s, Tablets & Phones Big Three Tech Verticals: Google, Microsoft, Apple — characteristics that align with your…

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SMB IT Newscast 1/13/2106 – The “Olden” Rule

Discusses the “Olden” Rule: Good, Fast or Cheap. How to factor the rule into a strategy that affects ROI.

Featured example “How to” Implement a FREE telephone number for your business that implements state of the art features like voice to text transcription. This might also be read: How to kill voicemail.

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SMB IT Newscast 1/13/2106

Overviewing how emerging low cost opportunities online can empower the SMB Web Presence through a “Portfolio” of services in the Cloud.

Focused on Low to No cost…

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