Hashtags: Protect your Intellectual Property?

Are hashtags *sometimes* intellectual property? http://www.business.com/legal/are-hashtags-intellectual-property/ For instance our registered trademark “How hard can IT be?” is used everyday online at twitter: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23howhardcanitbe&src=typd There are several questions, but mainly: Do we need to assert some sort of control? According to the article cited above, probably not — because our Registered Trademark doesn’t “Cite a specific […]

Why Hashtags? Versus Handles.

Answering this question deserves a post of it’s own. In a recent example we noticed that Tripcheck.com uses Twitter Handles for each Oregon Highway. Cool, right? You can follow updates there. Citing this example: @TripCheckOR42A If you have a Twitter Account, you can get alerts from that Handle. But Hashtags are ubiquitous across social media channels. […]

Viral Stats Counter-intuitive

An article published in the Huffington Post is worth viewing.  We found some of the research results contrary to assumptions.  And so we’re re-evaluating … Having used the BuzzSumo tool in client analysis, we’re grateful to view the results and it affects how we coach. The author of the article (link above) Noah Kagan is Founder […]