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Sea-Edu.Org – New site

In process, FYI.Preview: Migration to Saves a few $, self-admin, Mobile Ready… Comments welcome. Expect the template and layouts to change several time. Bill, your efforts are marvelous.

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CRM for SMB’s – Google’s Prosperworks?

Do SMB’s need advanced Contacts Management? What alternatives exist and which work with the tech that SMB’s are using. Google is pushing Prosperworks.

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Merry Christmas!

We’re going off the air until Monday, December 28.

Read More> Launches New Web Presence

Congratulations to the Board and Management of the Bandon Playhouse on the launch of the free site: Moving to will improve many aspects, enable enhancements and ease…

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Google to promote “Mobile Friendly” Sites in Search Results

“As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, (Search) algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns.”

Google Announcement Feb. 2015.

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Out with the old… 2015 Year of SM Integration

In much of the consulting we enjoyed with Small Businesses and other clients in 2014 the conversation revolved around developing an updated understanding of how internet marketing and essentially —…

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Deal A Story Cards … Product marketing Campaign set to launch.

We’re celebrating an important milestone with Since August the work began with surveying and assessing various assets.  One of the first tangible products of the process was a branded…

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Free internet research tool online — big data.

Thanks Google. Make your own charts, test your theories.  Because this is Google, the presumption is the enormous database and statistics behind the results assure a level of interest…

Read More> Updates Web Presence updates Web Presence with new Site.

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Robert D. Reed Publishers — Facebook, Twitter pages

Robert D Reed Publishers ( continues their expansion into state of the art online commerce with the addition of social media channels. Tweets by RDRPublishers Congratulations Bob and Cleone….

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