Launches New Web Presence

Congratulations to the Board and Management of the Bandon Playhouse on the launch of the free site: Moving to will improve many aspects, enable enhancements and ease up updating as well as save lots of money that was previously lost to hosting costs.


Out with the old… 2015 Year of SM Integration

In much of the consulting we enjoyed with Small Businesses and other clients in 2014 the conversation revolved around developing an updated understanding of how internet marketing and essentially -- communication -- works nowadays. Gone, long gone is the age of Email and the Static Website.  These have their place, however, but only as anchoring…

Deal A Story Cards … Product marketing Campaign set to launch.

We're celebrating an important milestone with Since August the work began with surveying and assessing various assets.  One of the first tangible products of the process was a branded product site This represents a fulcrum for community building around the brand, but also a reflection of the product intended to amplify E-commerce and SEO…