A Brand New Editor for the WordPress Mobile Apps

Source: A Brand New Editor for the WordPress Mobile Apps

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And yet another reason to hate big Telecom

Comcast / Xfinity drivers horrendously insensitive to public safety. The next time you’re frustrated with your Mobile Phone carrier? Remember this video and you’ll realize how deeply embedded disregard for…

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What does “learning” look like in 20 years?

Some time ago I realized that a generation now exists that may never use a desktop computer. Their experience of tech will only be in mobile appliances.

I now realize that a generation will soon exist (if they’re not already out there) that may never experience a classroom.

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Sea-Edu.Org – New site

In process, FYI.Preview: Migration to Saves a few $, self-admin, Mobile Ready… Comments welcome. Expect the template and layouts to change several time. Bill, your efforts are marvelous.

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Top Tier Web Management – Agency Minimums Commonly Exceed $25k/yr.

SMB’s typically spend 100 times less per year than their Medium or Large business competition. How does this affect Small Business in the Digital Marketplace? What are they missing?

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Mobilegeddon? A non-event or big thing?

Poll: Has Mobile-geddon affected web traffic at your site?

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Google to promote “Mobile Friendly” Sites in Search Results

“As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, (Search) algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns.”

Google Announcement Feb. 2015.

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