Important: Microsoft Patch Tuesday Today

If you’ve disabled automatic updates and / or amended your “active hours” – because like most of us you can’t afford those intrusive update routines to begin, clog your machine and require restarts in the middle of doing actual work — Please make a note, budget some time tonight and see that you run those updates.

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Sophisticated State Hackers Actively Exploiting Windows / Waiting on Patch

Windows zero-day exploited by same group behind DNC hack | Ars Technica

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Sponsored Hacks – AI Cyber Battle Engagements Next

Tangible example of where AI’s will be adopted into the Security Industry: Two former FBI agents, employed by Travelers Insurance Investigative Services, hack into a typical business website and download sensitive data in a matter of minutes. AI’s will be orders of magnitude more efficient.

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AI – Dimensions of Change

Artificial Intelligence: “The possibilities are endless and will no doubt change the ways in which we will live our lives in the future.” – Vicky Matthews, Content Dir. US/EU CAO Forum.

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Must read. Well worth digesting: The Sucuri quarterly┬áreport (link below.) Sucuri is a company devoted to protecting WordPress self-hosted sites, among other platforms like Drupal, Joomla, etc. Self-hosted WordPress sites…

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Near Future: HTTPS to become SOP for all Web Presence Sites.

Browsers will begin enforcing secure connections for passwords and credit card info in January. But it wont’s stop there. In a year or so, any site operating just HTTP will be considered suspect. Chrome (by Google) will warn that browsing plain old websites is risky.

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The “Next Inflection” Continued: Security Industry’s Deep Pockets for A.I.

Headline at Next Big Future: Private police and security outnumber public police by five times and private security industry is $35 billion per year. To extend the inflection metaphor —…

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