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Language Support: Evolution of Online Tools I started with the Google Chrome plugin and have added it to my Mac Desktop. The system makes college-level suggestions that I sometimes miss. I’ll be using the interface…

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And yet another reason to hate big Telecom

Comcast / Xfinity drivers horrendously insensitive to public safety. The next time you’re frustrated with your Mobile Phone carrier? Remember this video and you’ll realize how deeply embedded disregard for…

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Sophisticated State Hackers Actively Exploiting Windows / Waiting on Patch

Windows zero-day exploited by same group behind DNC hack | Ars Technica

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AI – Dimensions of Change

Artificial Intelligence: “The possibilities are endless and will no doubt change the ways in which we will live our lives in the future.” – Vicky Matthews, Content Dir. US/EU CAO Forum.

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Must read. Well worth digesting: The Sucuri quarterly┬áreport (link below.) Sucuri is a company devoted to protecting WordPress self-hosted sites, among other platforms like Drupal, Joomla, etc. Self-hosted WordPress sites…

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CNN Interview w/ IBM CEO outlines AI footprint in Medicine

AI is “In the Cloud, it’s mobile and it’s embedded.” IBM CEO Ginni Rometty on Fareed Zakaria GPS, CNN.

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Future: Net Lost Jobs to AI

If the paradigm repeats itself like it has in the past: Cars replace Horses, Robots replace Humans on the Assembly Line. Emerging AI tech will also affect the economy. Think of it this way: “AI’s will replace Minds.”

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