Do Childhood Experiences Predict Adult Career Choices? A Survey.

Please join me in circulating the following questionnaire: Childhood –>> Careers Survey “Do childhood experiences influence adult professional interests?” Copyright David Gerhart This research aims to identify patterns and relationships between childhood / family of origin experiences and career choices people make as adults. The data collected in this project is completely anonymous. No part […]…


Data, Data Everywhere. But none of I.T. makes sense?

Avoiding the crisis / response cycle. I spoke recently with with a group managing a range of community services. The organization has depended on low-end consulting to configure and manage the gamut of its IT services. And this led to problems, naturally. Recently, they were the victims of a financial crime, compelling them to close…

PM FreeWare – WordPress releases P2

The eye is always out for great FreeWare... Especially something simple, powerful and useful in the project management / communications space. "As more collaboration is happening remotely and online — work yes, but increasingly also school and personal relationships — we’re all looking for better ways to work together online."